GOM3 News - May 2012

Evolution of the GOM3 newsletter

The GOM3 newsletter has a new look and format this month, but it is one that is still evolving just like Earthsci.com. The immediate plan is to highlight additions and other news with smaller articles. As always we encourage feedback as well as suggestions for topics of in-depth newsletter articles. Please let us know at contactesa@earthsci.com.

New BOEM Atlas Data

Last month's update included the latest Atlas data for fields, pools and sands. This data includes variables such as porosity, permeability, water saturation, initial temperature, pressure and many other variables. It also includes new polygons and 3-D shapes for sands. These shapes are based on the acreage assigned by the BOEM using producing completions intervals and dry holes to define and constrain the shapes.

This update also completed BOEM's conversion to their current biostratigraphy, which can be viewed in the ESA Help. Sands and pools are no longer defined by the old play names and divisions and the dialog box to load them has been altered accordingly.

Sale 216/222 Preparation

Two quick notes about preparing for Sale 216/222: First, the indicated hydrocarbon list was updated at the beginning of May and can be accessed when loading either wells or leases, and second, the official list of blocks available for leasing is now available in the What's New section of the GOM3 toolbar (the red exclamation point). A map of these blocks is also available in the GOMsmart Map Library.

GOMsmart change

GOMsmart has a small but significant change to its main interface. The dual drop-down boxes to enter the Protraction Area and Block Number have been replaced with a simple text box to type the area and block. This new input box is not case sensitive and does not require leading zeroes; input such as gc1 will be automatically evaluated as GC001. This change should increase the performance and ease of use in GOMsmart.

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