GOM3 News - August 2012

7th Annual GOM3 User Conference

The seventh GOM3 User Conference will be held on October 17, 2012 in The Woodlands, TX. This year's conference will present all of the latest technology.

We are taking submissions to present a paper at the conference. The topics from past conferences cover all aspects of the industry, so your workflows in GIS will likely fit well into this conference. To present a paper, please contact us at 562-428-3181 or contactesa@earthsci.com.

To attend the conference, please click here to register.


For those of you addicted to internet videos, please check out some of the GOMsmart videos at our YouTube site HERE.

Data Vintage Verification

The vintage of your data is available in various places within the GOM3 toolbar, but the quickest place to check for an overview is by clicking the Update Info button in ESA Help. The Update Info button will first list the version of your toolbar, then display a webpage with the dates when all of the major datasets were updated. Data is available for download in the middle of each month, so please check with your data administrators if this page shows data more than one month old. In GOMsmart, of course, data is updated more frequently based on the BOEM's schedule (the BOEM site is checked each hour for new data).

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