GOM3 News - April 2013

Label Expression Library

The April update features the release of the Label Expression Library under the Cartographic ESA Tools part of the ArcMap toolbar. The Label Expressions Library contains a set of advanced labels for many different datasets. The labels use VBScript to build labels integrating many different attributes at once.

The dialog contains folders to browse the expressions available with a preview window on the right to display an example of what the label will look like.
Label Expressions Library window

One important note is that the size, color, etc. of the label is not set in this window. However, the dialog contains a button to immediately launch the Label Manager to handle the other properties of the label. The Label Manager also provides access to the underlying expression from the Library. These expressions are useful examples to learn the structure of the VBScript and customize the labels even further. This image displays examples of labels for leases and wells:
Label Example

If you would like other labels added to the library, please contact Tony Dupont: tony@earthsci.com

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