GOM3 News - February 2014

GOMsmart Mobile Enhancements

As we round up the final touches to the beta program of GOMsmart's mobile site, we have two big changes to highlight. First, a news feed is shown when just after logging into GOMsmart's mobile site. These links are gathered from industry and news sites with articles specific to the Gulf of Mexico and updated throughout the day when new stories are found.
Second, an integrated search function has replaced the regular box to enter the protraction area and block. This means that any dataset can automatically be searched from the same point. If you type the area and block number, GOMsmart will still go to your chosen block. But you can also type an API Number or a Pipeline Segment number, or a Prospect name. Locating the data you're interested in is easier than ever.

FieldsFields in Map
Newsfeed and Search Results from the entry page of GOMsmart Mobile.

Earth Studies Group

Loading GOM Deposystem data in ArcMap has been streamlined to limit choices to the dataset and either Biosequence or Play name. For instance, when loading Sediment Accumulations, one or more Biosequences can be chosen, which loads all relevant data (contour maps, polygon maps and raster grids). More datasets are available in this window, but to use these new datasets only the most recent update of Earth Studies Group data will work. More information can be found at http://www.paleodata.com/GOMdeposystems.html.
Streamlined loading of Earth Studies Group data.

Sediment Accumulation Rate map.

Sale Preparation

As a reminder, the official list of blocks available for Sales 231 and 225 have been updated and are accessible in the What's New section of the GOM3 toolbar (the red exclamation point). There are 7,645 blocks available in the Central and Eastern GOM for the March 19th sales. Also, the February update included the latest data on Indicated Hydrocarbons, which can be accessed from the Leases window in the GOM3 toolbar. More information on this dataset, which is helpful in highlighting areas with known hydrocarbons, can be found here:http://www.boem.gov/Indicated-Hydrocarbon-List-Introduction/.

Blocks Available for leasing in Sales 231 and 225.

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