GOM3 News - May 2014

P&A Liability

New data is now available in GOM3: Plugging & Abandonment Liabilities. The May update adds new columns to all leases to account for site clearance, platform removal and borehole plugging costs. It also includes new datasets displaying platforms with a Right-of-Use-and-Easement and platforms and pipelines with an authorized Right-of-Way. These latter two datasets, of course, apply to structures and pipes that are no longer on active leases though companies are still liable for their decommissioning.

Data is accessible in the Map Layers portion of the ArcMap toolbar, under both Facilities and Leases with a new tab in each dialog. Data can also be loaded by company name to quickly map all of the liabilities of a particular company. For leases the data are mapped by record title owner; the platforms and pipelines are mapped by ROW or RUE permittee.

Leases with decommissioning costs, as well as RUE platforms and ROW pipelines and platforms.

AutoSave in ArcGIS

The AutoSave tool has been added to our collection to aid anyone who has had ArcGIS issues when working in large, complicated projects. After choosing the tool a window will open to define how often the project should be automatically saved.

As shown below, this tool is in the ESA Tools->Utilities portion of the ArcGIS toolbars (ArcMap and ArcScene), but please give us feedback on the tool as it may need an easier location to access it.

Accessing the AutoSave tool.
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