GOM3 News - August 2015

ESA Desktop

August is beginning with an important and rare release. The ESA Desktop program, launching either GOM3 or GOMsmart, has been overhauled for simplicity and clarity.

Main interface

ArcMap projects and 3-D Field Views have been combined in the same list, which can be launched when clicking the large Launch GOM3 or double-clicking the specific project. As a reminder, the 3-D Field Views now load dynamically so modifications can be made much more quickly (such as the new well classifications).

ArcGIS Projects

GOMsmart can be launched with the large button on the right, with the buttons for other downloads and reports below. Those include downloads for all types of well data, access to our Third Party partners sites and, in the case of PDI, PSI and OOSA, access to reports and data.

But the most important change of all is that the installation no longer requires ArcGIS. The new version will automatically detect ArcGIS and display a different window for GOMsmart only. Everyone will be able to have a simple one-click launch to GOMsmart, as shown below.

ArcGIS Projects

These changes are important and overdue and will impact many people, particularly those who do not have ArcGIS or do not yet have the ESA Desktop installed. Moving to ArcGIS Add-Ins has allowed us to remove some of the software re-installation burden from the IT departments for the last few years and we expect these changes to be the last imposition of this type for quite awhile.

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