GOM3 News - November 2015

GOM3 Annual User Conference Recap

The 2015 User Conference was a success with a lot of good feedback and suggestions. We are grateful to Anadarko for hosting this year's event and to our guest presenters from OOSA and PSI. To view the GOM3 presentations from this year's conference and catch up on the happenings within GOM3 and GOMsmart, click here.

GOMsmart Additions

There are two significant enhancements to GOMsmart over the past two months. First, after choosing a well, the Downloads option has been expanded to include many datasets beyond production. It is now possible to download available directional surveys, completions, paleo observations, well tests, velocity surveys, weekly drilling data, casing data and bottomhole pressure surveys. All of these exports have different export options including different coordinate systems.

Download options for the Garden Banks 72 A4 well.

The other addition is the new Pipeline Reports under the Facilities category when Building Custom Reports. This option creates reports or downloads for all Pipelines that match a certain region, water depth and/or company. This includes all blocks that pass through a region, area, block, etc., not just the beginning or end of a pipeline.

Pipeline Report option in the Build Custom Reports section.
Pipelines through Atwater Valley.

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