GOM3 News - February, 2016

Upcoming GOM3 Class

We would like to announce the next class from TeachMeGIS: Analyzing Petroleum Data in the Gulf of Mexico with GOM3. The class will be held Thursday, March 3rd, at their Training Center in west Houston. This is a one day, hands-on workshop covering the basics of GOM3 data, ArcGIS software and GOMsmart. An outline of the class is available here (PDF) and registration can be completed at the TeachMeGIS website, www.teachmegis.com.


Next GOMsmart Webinars

More GOMsmart webinars being held to keep up with demand! The next GOMsmart 2.0 webinar will be held at 1:00PM CST on Wednesday, February 17th. Another will be held at 3:00PM CST on Tuesday, February 23rd. These are free, online webinars detailing the many advances in GOMsmart, important for both new users and those making the transition from the previous version of GOMsmart. The meetings will cover all of the ways to explore data (reports, charts, maps, decline curve analysis, etc.) and all of the major datasets (leases, wells, production, facilities, plans, etc.).
The webinar will be approximately 45 minutes with time afterwards for questions and suggestions (as much time as needed).

Please register here to attend.

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