GOM3 News - April 2019

GOM3 in ArcGIS Pro

The April update includes the official release of the GOM3 Add-in for ArcGIS Pro. ArcGIS Pro is the successor to ArcGIS Desktop, a 64-bit application combining 2-D maps, 3-D scenes and GIS file management. It is the future of desktop GIS for Esri and GOM3. Though support for ArcGIS Desktop will continue far into the future, development of functionality for ArcGIS Desktop will wind down while functionality in Pro ramps up.

ribbon GOM3 ribbon in Pro

We encourage everyone to try out their existing work flows in ArcGIS Pro when possible, whether that's exploring data, making maps or generating new output from analytical tools. ArcGIS Pro can be installed on the same computer as ArcGIS Desktop without conflicts. The GOM3 Add-in supports versions 2.3 and above. As always we are eager for your feedback and we will have much more information at the user conference (see below).

Maps Mississippi Canyon bids of Sale 252 with undersea features named

13th Annual User Conference coming April 25th

The past year has seen a focus on exploiting the massive wealth of data in GOM3, bringing new analyses, tools and data. The plan is to continue developing these tools (and create new ones) with the guidance of our clients. As always, we encourage you to attend this free conference as we are eager for your input.

The Annual User Conference will be held on Thursday, April 25, 2019 at Anadarko's offices in The Woodlands. Registration is now available.


Topics include:

  • GOM3/GOMsmart review of new data and functionality
  • Large look at ArcGIS Pro and how GOM3 fits
  • Business Planning Add-on to GOM3
  • - Overview and Future Plans of Bidding Forecasts/Block Evaluation
  • - Overview and Future Plans of the Tie-back Tool
  • - Reintroduction to the updated Forgotten Oil & Gas Study
  • A look at the future of GOM3 and GOMsmart and the vital user input on development

We look forward to seeing you on April 25th. Here again is the link to register. More details will be included in newsletters in upcoming weeks.

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