GOM3 News - May 2019

Upcoming webinars

One of the missions mentioned at the user conference this year is the goal of spreading awareness about some of the different parts of GOM3. Because there is so much data and functionality, it is difficult ensuring that everyone knows what is available. It's also important to keep new users at each company abreast of the information.

One of the ways this will be addressed is with free webinars on different aspects of GOM3. This will allow some quicker set up times and more flexibility with different schedules. The first two webinars will be an overview of the Tie-back Tool in the Business Planning Add-on and a general overview of GOMsmart. But most importantly, webinars for just one company, closed off for more sensitive questions or workflows within a single company, are always available. These free webinars can be scheduled anytime by emailing Tony Dupont.

tieback Calculated route from WR033 to the Atlantis Semi-sub in GC787 (default slope/distance weighting and avoidance of seafloor hazards).

The Tie-back Tool uses the seafloor bathymetry, along with hazards such as seeps and slumps, to calculate an optimized route from a starting point to a platform, pipeline tie-in or custom location. To learn more, please sign up here for this quick webinar, which will be held at 1:00PM CDT on Wednesday, May 22nd.


The following webinar, an overview of GOMsmart, will be held on Tuesday, June 11th. This small webinar will go over the layout of GOMsmart, how the data is put together and processed and will provide a chance to ask questions and offer suggestions. Registration is now available here.

13th Annual User Conference Recap

The Annual User Conference was held in The Woodlands last month. We are grateful to Anadarko for hosting this year. Thank you to all who attended for your feedback and suggestions. If you would like to download a copy of any of the presentations, they are available at our Conference page.


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