GOM3 News - November 2019

Upcoming Webinars

As mentioned last month, the next free webinar, which will cover ArcMap labels, will be held Wednesday, Nov. 13th. Click here to register.

Some portions of ArcGIS can be challenging when customizing maps. Maps can convey a lot of information at a glance and one of the ways this is done is with labels. Like other parts of ArcGIS, there are a large number of options that can be used to customize labels to the nth degree.

This webinar will go over some of the options that are most often used within Earth Science Associates to make labels helpful and legible. We will detail some of the limitations within the different options and some ways to overcome them. Most importantly, the webinar will detail the Label Expression Library to show the list of complicated label expressions accessible with a couple of clicks. This webinar will not go over annotation work, which gets very specific to the map (which can vary by user/company).


Color changes, even differences smaller than these, are enough to discern different types of features.


The following webinar, an overview of GOMsmart, will be held on Thursday, December 5th. This small webinar will go over the layout of GOMsmart, how the data is put together and processed and will provide a chance to ask questions and offer suggestions. This webinar is especially helpful if you are just starting out in GOMsmart or looking for new info within the website. It's also a good time to remember that, like the image to the right, GOMsmart is structured to use on mobile devices like phones and tablets, whether for looking up information quickly, checking on storm forecasts or launching analytics of the Business Planning Add-on, such as lease sale forecasts or tie-back routing. Registration is now available here.


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