GOM3 News - March 2020

OOSA Data in GOMsmart

The main GOMsmart interface now includes wells from the Offshore Oil Scouts Association (OOSA). Viewing data and linking to scout tickets is just as easy as every other dataset, with updates each week.

Located at the bottom of the list, the caption will first warn you to verify your email if your company is a member of OOSA (if not, another caption will show a warning that OOSA membership is required). Clicking that link will fire off an email which has a quick link to verify your email - be sure to check your spam folder if you don't see the email quickly.


At that point, the OOSA data will be accessible and clicking one of the wells will generate options to view the full set of data (drilling, casing, etc.) as either the traditional scout ticket or in a GOMsmart-formatted report (excellent on phones as well).


For the first time OOSA data is accessible on-the-go, anywhere in the world, just like other data in GOMsmart.

14th Annual User Conference Update

The next GOM3 User Conference will be held June 4th at Murphy's offices in Houston. All of our plans are currently set but naturally we will honor the decisions made by Murphy regarding the coronavirus and the precautions set there.

With that being said, registration is now available. We will update the schedule and agenda in the coming weeks.


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