GOM3 News - June 2020

Well Data Downloads

Since the release of the latest version of the ESA Desktop program, one of the features has been the ability to download various well datasets in bulk for a selected well, block or protraction area. The datasets, such as directional surveys, drilling records and production, have increased in number over time. That ability is now available in GOMsmart.

A new link at the top of GOMsmart, labeled Bulk Well Data, opens the form shown here. After choosing a dataset and the well, block or protraction area, the format of the text file is chosen. Some files include location coordinates, which can be exported with projected coordinates in addition to latitude and longitude.

Please be aware that downloading entire protraction areas for directional surveys and production data is not recommended because of the size of the files. There can be issues generating the text file to download. But overall, this functionality will expand the amount of data that can be easily extracted in GOMsmart.


GOMsmart Overview Webinar

With a number of new additions to GOMsmart this year, it is important to keep up on everything that is available, such as the bulk downloads above. This year has also seen the addition of OOSA scout tickets, the ability to create plat maps for permit submissions and the elevation of the custom map with far more functionality as the primary map. To keep up with these changes, a webinar will be held Thursday, June 25th. Registration is free - sign up here.


Private Webinars

The public webinars are not the only ones freely available. Because it is so difficult to meet in person at this time, we are encouraging everyone to consider setting up a private webinar to dive deep into any and all aspects of GOM3. Whether you would like to explore mapping, technical aspects of moving GOM3 data between applications, production/engineering/geologic/drilling data or an overview of everything, we would like to help.

Speaking of drilling data, new analyses are being created right now for the Analytics Add-on (formerly the Business Planning Add-on). We will reach out to the Analytics subscribers for feedback as development continues , but in the meantime, please contact Tony Dupont about setting up a web meeting on any topic that can best save you time and effort in the future.


Depth vs Mud Weight in the SS6 well of Green Canyon 562. This graph includes the expected fracture gradient and the casing program.

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