GOM3 News - September 2020

Tips about Storms in GOMsmart

The 2020 hurricane season has been particularly busy this year. At the time this newsletter was written, there are four active storms in the Atlantic and another three potential storms. Because of that, you may occasionally view the GOMsmart map and find it looking 'washed out' in white or yellow or other colors, due to the tracking of these storms, as in the image below. It's important to be aware of the ability to turn off the storm layers in the table-of-contents by unchecking the Storms box, when necessary.


Tropical storm Sally's cone of uncertainty.

There are two other tips regarding storms to quickly mention. First, forecasts on the likely path of a potential storm are calculated for all of these disturbances within the Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean Sea. These paths are calculated based on the location of where the storm is likely to form and the tracks of all storms recorded in the past.
Second, wind speeds are calculated for each platform once the National Hurricane Center forecasts the wind radii within their maps. Clicking on a platform provides the option to graph Wind Speeds, as shown below.


Wind speed forecasts for Platform A in Viosca Knoll 817.

Private Webinars

We are pleased that we have been able to meet with so many of you in online meetings to go over different aspects of GOM3 and would like to continue to do so. We are encouraging everyone to consider setting up a private, free webinar to dive deep into more details, whether you would like to explore GOMsmart, technical aspects of moving GOM3 data between applications, production/engineering/geologic/drilling data or an overview of everything. Please contact Tony Dupont about setting up a web meeting on any topic that can best save you time and effort in the future.

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