GOM3 News - Drilling Analytics Addon

Earth Science Associates is greatly expanding its GOM3 Analytics Addon. Here we focus on two related new functionalities: a model to forecast the number of days to drill and an interactive, map-based analytic tool to identify GOM wells that are analogous to the one you’re planning. The basis of both capabilities is our analysis of drilling data over the last twenty years.

Forecast & Analyze Drilling Time

Using the drilling time forecast model, enter rig type, TVD, water depth, casing strings, mud weight, salt and horizontal offset. The model returns a distribution on the forecasted time to reach TVD along with confidence intervals. This video provides an overview of how the forecasts work and what is included.

Once you’ve received the forecast information (within a second or two), you can press the 'Map Top Analogs' button. That will map the closest analogs to the well you proposed. Like any other GOMSmart map, you can identify on any well to get its details. Also, the forecast can be downloaded along with graphs on the depth and time taken to drill the analogous wells. A deeper dive on the statistics of these forecasts can be viewed here.

Explore Drilling Analogs

A complementary tool, extending the 'Map Top Analogs' capability of the forecast model is simply called the Analog Map under the Drilling Analytics section. Again, enter the parameters for your proposed well (TVD, mud weight, casing, rig type, etc.). But even more detail is available–display just 7th generation drillships, or the performance of the Deepwater Asgard.

With the analogs you want in the map, click to create graphs comparing drilling performance between operators or rig contractors.

The Drilling Analytics videos above are available in this playlist.
If you would like to see these features in a demo, please contact Tony Dupont at tony@earthsci.com.


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