GOM3 News - November 2021

Lease Sale 257 Results

In an effort to keep our data as up-to-date as possible, a map for today's Lease Sale can be downloaded here. Please remember, these blocks have been available to include in your maps in GOMsmart and ArcGIS since 12:15PM CST on November 17th.


GOM3 Videos

As mentioned in last month's newsletter, a number of helpful videos have been created and uploaded to the Earth Science Associates YouTube page. These videos are meant as both an introduction to the data and functionality within GOM3 but also as a deeper dive into some of the more advanced aspects of the statistical models and forecasts.

Playlists have been created for the new videos of the Analytics Add-ons. The most recent addition is the Drilling Analytics Addon to forecast drilling times of a project and to compare drilling times of similar wells.


The next most recent set of videos covers the online Well Log Viewer, describing how to view the logs (and dynamically explore the logs with nothing but a web browser) and also the way the data was curated to show the most important curves.


More in-depth videos are now available for the Bidding Forecasts/Block Evaluation analytics. These are important, not just for the amount of data that goes into the models forecasting the likelihood of blocks receiving bids and the high bid amounts, but also the likelihood of BOEM rejecting the bids based on the bid amount.


And finally, new videos can be viewed on the popular Tie-back Tool, which can route tie-backs but also any new pipeline routes in the Gulf, using bathymetry and seafloor hazards. Choosing tie-backs to platforms now includes estimated declines from existing declines on each platform.


These videos are in addition to the existing ArcGIS videos. Be sure to look for more videos in the future and if you have suggestions for videos you would like to see to aid your work, please let us know here.

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