GOM3 News - March 2022

GOM3 Hotlink Tool

Following upon the tools in the ESA Toolbox, this newsletter will focus on the Hotlink toolhotlink, which in many ways is the most important tool in GOM3. The Hotlink is an interactive tool, used to click on a feature in the map or 3D scene to explore more information. The options vary by dataset, though they all have reports to summarize the data of the clicked feature. Other options include production graphs, core samples, well logs, decline curve analysis and PVTs, just to name a few.


The Hotlink tool is selected from the GOM3 toolbar, in either ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap or ArcScene, and then is used to click a feature in the map or scene. All GOM3 layers are identified and the features are loaded into the drop-down list at the top of the window.


As shown above, there are eight different options when choosing a well (Reports, Charts, Notes, Downloads, Third Party Data, Well Logs, Well Tests and Add Layers). When switched to choose the Field, there are only six options (Reports, Charts, Notes, Download Production, 3D Field View and Add Layers)


Hotlink Options

There are so many options from the Hotlink tool that full details for each would make this a very long read. Instead, overviews are linked to each of the categories below.

  • Reports - Three types: Reports gathering data on the feature chosen, links to BSEE reports and document, and well documents normally purchased, such as core data, mudlogs and PVTs.
  • Charts - Primarily production graphs on eight different datasets, each with secondary graphs.
  • Well Logs - Access to download digital and image logs and quick access to the golden set of logs in the online Well Log Viewer.
  • Decline Curve Analysis - Available when clicking on a Completion, decline curve analysis is run for oil and gas (and p/z, when data is available).
  • 3D Field View - Available when clicking on a Field, an interactive, three-dimensional view of the chosen field is launched, displaying sands wells, paleo picks, completions and more.
  • Downloads - Primarily monthly production downloads on eight different datasets, though many more download options are available for wells such as directional surveys, velocity surveys, weekly drilling records and more.
  • Notes - New or existing documents are linked to the chosen feature so others within the company can quickly connect with the information.
  • Add Layers - Loads data associated with the chosen feature into the map.
  • Wind Speed Forecast - Available when clicking on a Platform, forecasts are graphed from National Hurricane Weather data to show wind speeds over time.
  • 2D / 3D Seismic - For those with the Geophysical Addon, clicking on navigation lines or seismic footprints provides images and access to SEG-Y files.
  • Other Hotlinks - Quick views of Lease Owners, Bids, Serial Remarks, Operating Rights, Units, and Well Tests, as well as connections to Third Party Partners' data.

GOM3 Webinar

Ready to learn more about the Hotlink tool and a whole lot more that is available in GOM3 for GIS? A free webinar is coming up on April 26 at 1:00 PM CDT. Registration is available now and more details will come next month. Sign up here.


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