GOM3 News - April 2022

GOM3 GIS Webinar

The next free webinar is an introduction to the GIS side of GOM3, covering the basics of ArcGIS, GOM3 data, building maps/loading data from the GOM3 toolbar/ribbon, and some of the included tools. It will be held on Tuesday, April 26th at 1:00 PM CDT. Registration is available here.

This webinar will be an overview of how the GOM3 add-in is organized and how the data is constructed and updated. It is intended for those who are starting to explore using a GIS or those who might want to ensure they aren't missing some aspect of GOM3 or ArcGIS (such as 3D GIS as shown below).

The webinar will be approximately one hour, with extra time for questions. Click here to register.


Casing/liner diameters shown along selected wells in the Kilauea field (GC006).

Upcoming Webinars

The GOM3 GIS Webinar is not the only upcoming webinar. A new overview of the Analytics Addon, featuring Drilling Analytics such as in the image below, is coming next month; look for details in the next few weeks. Also, the popular GOMsmart webinar will be coming up again soon after that. Please spread the word to those who may be interested.


Mud weights/shoe tests of the #5 well in Green Canyon 237 from the Noble Jim Day.

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