GOM3 Update - October 2022

GOM3 Geophysical Addon

We are announcing a major webinar to demonstrate the revamped Geophysical Addon. The Geophysical Addon has undergone a huge overhaul over the past year. While seismic data has always been key to the Addon, and we have always collected and organized all of the SEG-Y files available, we were originally limited to integrating 2D seismic data into 3D scenes with wells, sands, paleo, etc. Those days are over - the Geophysical Addon now fully integrates 3D seismic data into 3D scenes, just like this:

Over 130,000 square miles of 3D seismic has been re-formatted to integrate seamlessly with the rest of the 3D GIS data at the click of a button; it is the largest collection of 3D seismic data in a GIS. As shown, the data can be sliced and filtered for analysis with the vector data with optimal performance. That filtering allows for extraction of salt from the velocity components of the seismic data, where available:

The Geophysical Addon also extends our work with the digital well logs to 3D GIS. This is the 'Golden Set' of curves, choosing from multiple logs per well to find the longest, deepest and, ultimately, best logs to display. They have been mapped to highlight the most important values, as seen here:

And these are just the latest additions. The Geophysical Addon still includes 2D seismic lines in 3D scenes (quick look here), Gulf-wide top of salt maps that were generated using machine learning algorithms across all 8,000 2D seismic lines, as well as Geomarkers, Hydrocarbon Bearing Zones and Mud Weight values collected from the operators' weekly reports. This Addon shows the geologic complexity of the Gulf in a unique, new way.

Hydrocarbon Bearing Zones, labeled and colored by type within transparent, grey sands of Garden Banks 260.

The Geophysical Addon webinar will be held Wednesday, October 26th at 2:00 PM CDT. It will last approximately one hour and is free to attend. Registration is now available here.

The dynamic demo is the best way to take in the power of the Geophysical Addon, but if you cannot make it on October 26th, please let us know about separate meetings to view this information together and please do watch this video covering all parts of the Addon:

Potential Test Reports

Potential Test Reports have been added to the set of Well Documents available in GOM3 and GOMsmart. These will appear in the green section when viewing a specific well's Reports/Documents page. So far, over 100,000 Potential Test Reports are available for over 23,000 wells.


A portion of a potential test report in the K2 field.

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