Earth Science Associates is a software development and consulting company to the oil and gas industry, government agencies and international organizations. The company is best known for the GOM3 geographic information system (GIS) and its online component, GOMsmart.

GOM3 and GOMsmart combine and organize data released by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), and other key industry sources into a single integrated and powerful research platform.
GOM3 is the leading data and analysis platform for the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, 80% of oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico is produced by GOM3 clients.

There are no competing systems that unite analytic power and data, or the frequency of updates like GOM3.

The value of GOM3 comes from the richness of our GOM data, combined with the powerful and flexible ArcGIS-based toolbar developed by ESA for GOM oil and gas exploration, and production and data management.

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GOM3 Analytics Addon
The Analytics Addon combines multiple tools to maximize bidding information, financial planning, project management and analysis.

The Drilling Analytics Addon has three significant features, one to forecast drilling times, one to graph performance and mud weigths in an area and one to map and graphically compare drilling rates between operators and rig companies.

The Tie-back tool integrates bathymetry and seafloor hazards to calculate optimal routes from a well location to a platform or pipeline tie-in.

The Block/Bidding Evaluation analyzes past behavior...

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GOM3 Geophysical Addon
The Geophysical Addon is a new way to integrate 2D and 3D seismic sections into three dimensional scenes with all of the vector data of GOM3, such as wells, sand-body reservoirs and paleo observations.

This Addon includes well logs along the 3D boreholes, salt bodies and top of salt maps, along with geomarkers, hydrocarbon bearing zones and mud weights, all properly displayed in three dimensions. All publicly released SEG-Y data is available for use outside of the GIS.

The Geophysical Addon opens new doors to visualization and analysis to understand geologic complexity in the Gulf of Mexico.

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GOMsmart is an online data research portal delivering the most complete and current Gulf of Mexico data for the oil and gas industry.

Accessible via the internet, GOMsmart requires no special software or training to use.

GOMsmart is based on the same powerful 2-D and 3-D geographic information system (GIS) we developed for GOM3. GOMsmart is available as a stand-alone version and is included in the GOM3 suite of products.

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