GOM3 Analytics Addon

The GOM3 Analytics Addon is a collection of tools to bring high end analytics and visualization to different groups working in the Gulf of Mexico. Building on top of the rich database of GOM3, and the experience of continuously expanding the features therein, the Analytics Addon is designed to streamline workflows at a time when everyone is trying to maximize efficiency.
This package includes analyses for a variety of users, from forecasts of lease sale bidding, to pipeline routing using seafloor bathymetry and hazards, to visualization of well logs both online and in 3D GIS scenes. Below are descriptions of each part of the Analytics Addon bundle, but we are always available to show these in a live demo (the best way to view the dynamic tools).
Please contact us at 562-428-3181 or contactesa@earthsci.com for more information.
Bidding Analytics
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The Bidding Forecast uses statistical models of 20 different variables (such as proximity to existing leases, previous bids, newly available, etc.) to estimate both the likelihood of a block being bid in the next sale but also an estimated amount bid. The analysis can be run on any or all companies, including groups of companies whose bidding behavior is similar based on these factors.
Tie-back Routing
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The Tie-Back Tool takes an origin block in deep water and a destination platform within 120 miles of the block and estimates a pipeline route. Pipeline route is based on slope, incremental distances from the chosen block to platform, and an importance of slope based on user input. The resulting analysis provides an in-depth review of the selected block, platform, and “optimal” pipeline route.
Drilling Analytics
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Drilling Analytics comprises three sections to forecast the drilling time of a new well, to graph well drilling and mud weights in a specific location and a map of analog drilling projects.
Forgotten Oil & Gas Study
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The Forgotten Oil and Gas Study is a robust statistical analysis of data from within GOM3 to determine where hydrocarbons were likely not produced to their full extent.

For information about subscribing to any of the Analytics Addon components or to schedule a demo, please contact us at contactesa@earthsci.com or call: 562-428-3181.