GOM3 Analytics Addon

The GOM3 Analytics Addon is a collection of tools to bring high end analytics and visualization to different groups working in the Gulf of Mexico. Building on top of the rich database of GOM3, and the experience of continuously expanding the features therein, the Analytics Addon is designed to streamline workflows at a time when everyone is trying to maximize efficiency.
This package includes analyses for a variety of users, from forecasts of lease sale bidding, to pipeline routing using seafloor bathymetry and hazards, to visualization of well logs both online and in 3D GIS scenes. Below is the description for the Tie-back Tool of the Analytics Addon, but we are always available to show these in a live demo (the best way to view the dynamic tools).
Please contact us at 562-428-3181 or contactesa@earthsci.com for more information.
Tie-Back Tool
With increasing water depths and the declining sizes of new finds, transportation of oil and gas from your new discovery to shore will be central to the economic viability of the project – and the amount your company is willing to bid on the block. Using a network of 78 million nodes, reflecting bathymetry and the location and types of seabed hazards, our Tie-Back Tool computes an optimal pipeline path from your discovery to as many alternative destinations as you want to test.
In a simple interface, identify the tie-back origin. We will present you with a list of the 15 nearest platforms within 75 miles, their straight-line distance, along with operator, water depth information and our estimates of the spare productive capacity (updated monthly). Set some parameters on the relative importance of route slope versus distance and maximum slope and run. Within a few minutes, you’ll receive a zip file with a proposed pipeline route, given bathymetry and hazards. Alternatively, route your tie-back directly to join an existing pipeline that may be closer than the nearest platform.
To test sensitivities to different destinations just rerun the tool. The results include detailed summary reports going over basic statistics and characteristics of the optimal pipeline path. Like the Bid Models, the output of the Tie-Back tool also includes all of the GIS-ready results for integrating in GOM3, where it can be combined with other data like the vast sets of proprietary data needed to make the best decisions.
Graph shows the vertical profile of the difficult pipeline path from Alaminos Canyon 79 to the Hoover Spar.