GOM3 News - May 2015

GOMsmart Help System

The new version of GOMsmart is now linked from the entry page of the original version of GOMsmart. We encourage you to try that link when you can - this will become the primary form of GOMsmart soon.

To that end, the new Help portion of GOMsmart is available. The Help pages are brief overviews of the sections within GOMsmart along with detailed descriptions of the data included.

GOMsmart Help

Lease Bid Acceptances

The last newsletter was simply the results of Central Sale 235 on the day of the sale (the maps can be viewed by clicking here). But we would like to remind everyone that we also track and map the status of the bids as the BOEM decides to accept or reject each bid. As shown in the map below, blocks receiving bids are first highlighted with a blue outline. As they are accepted, they will become green. Rejected bids will have red outlines, though there are none for Sale 235 as of the time of this newsletter. This dataset appears in both the GOMsmart map and within ArcMap from the What's New button (the red exclamation point). The hotlink tool can be used to view reports when clicking on the block within the map.


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