GOM3 News - December 2015

GOM3 Hotlink Tool

The second part of the ArcGIS Hotlink tool overhaul is now complete. This new design of large categorical buttons aligns well with the design of GOMsmart. Large icons are used to link to the main categories: Reports, Charts, Downloads, Well Logs, etc. This new Hotlink window also enables multiple selections when adding related layers and improves the Notes functionality to encompass more layers.
The images below show the new Hotlink window when clicking on a lease and the production graph for OCS No. G05044:


Using GOMsmart's version of reports and charts does require a login to GOMsmart, however. While this will only be an issue if you have never logged into GOMsmart before, it should be seamless after that first login.

Batch Downloads of Well Logs

GOMsmart introduces batch downloads of well log TIF images. All well logs for the entire well, lease or block are available when choosing that feature in GOMsmart. In the example below, the different options after choosing a lease are presented, including a new option to download well logs. The process will zip all of the images into a single file and email the link to download when complete:


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