GOM3 News - January, 2016

GOMsmart Webinar

The very first webinar for the new GOMsmart 2.0 will be held at 1:00PM CST on Thursday, February 4th. This is a free, online webinar detailing the many advances in GOMsmart, important for both new users and those making the transition from the previous version of GOMsmart. The meeting will cover all of the ways to explore data (reports, charts, maps, decline curve analysis, etc.) and all of the major datasets (leases, wells, production, facilities, plans, etc.).
This webinar will be approximately 45 minutes with time afterwards for questions and suggestions (as much time as needed).

Please register here to attend.

Map WellLog

Block-level data on Owners, Operating Rights and Bids

To address the requests of being able to quickly click through the owners, bids and operating rights throughout the leasing history of a block, new options have been added to GOMsmart to view this Block-level information.


Clicking the Block Info link leads to the same options when drilling down to other datasets (Reports, Production Charts and Downloads, Well Logs) but with new options to view the entire histories of ownership, bidding and operating rights assignments. These data can now be viewed more efficiently, saving time and effort.


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