GOM3 News - April, 2016

Global Loader Updates

The Global Loader moves out of beta this month, with a couple of small additions: the stoplight to let you know the vintage of the ESA data at a glance and a quick help page for an overview of the Global Loader. The Global Loader is a new interface to load and manage GIS data and projects. It includes GOM3 data but is specifically designed to allow you to manage all other GIS data at your company.

For a larger overview of Global Loader, please see last month's newsletter. Also, we will be holding webinars for using Global Loader, but we will schedule those next month.


OOSA Scouts' Notes

The other addition this month is the ability for your OOSA Scouts to add their own notes to share with your company. These notes can be viewed or updated by clicking on an OOSA well in the map or by choosing a well in the OOSA Reports panel (such as the one in the ESA Desktop). The notes will also appear in the Scout Ticket Reports.


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