GOM3 News - August 2016

GOM3 Annual User Conference

The 11th Annual User Conference will be held on Thursday, October 27, 2016 at Statoil's offices in west Houston. Registration is now available. As always this event will present details about improvements from the past year and a look at future plans, including a forum for suggestions on that future. While the past year has certainly seen a slowdown in activity in the Gulf, there are many new enhancements in GOM3, including new data and functionality in GOMsmart, new modeling algorithms when forecasting storm movements before they form and Global Loader, a way of combining and managing GIS data from different sources in one location.


The conference is intended for geologists, geophysicists, engineers, land specialists, GIS professionals/techs, and managers. The exchange of ideas and directions for our future development are still the top priority of the conference; we continue to aim for the informality and small size of past years. Registration is free, though limited, but we will do our best to accomodate those who wish to attend. More information will be included in newsletters in upcoming weeks, including a detailed agenda.

Hurricanes Combining ESA Platform data with ESRI basemaps and National Weather Service maps (11AM CDT, Aug. 11, 2016)

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