GOM3 News - November 2016

GOM3 User Conference Recap

The 11th Annual User Conference was held in Houston last month. We are grateful to Statoil for hosting this year and to our guest presenters from Paleo-Data, Inc. Also thank you to all who attended for your feedback and suggestions. Some of the presentations are linked below and the full User Conference page is available here.


GOMsmart Updates

Developments in GOMsmart continue apace. First, for a few smaller changes:
The various lease reports now include more decommissioning liablity data, including pipeline decommissioning cost estimates, decommissioning estimates for all proposed sites (wells, platforms and pipelines) and collateral amounts.
Production graphs now have an option for daily rates. These graphs are available for Blocks, Leases, Wells, Fields, Pools, Sands and Platforms; Completions continue to have production rates per 'day on production'.
When navigating using the back button within the website, the main page will remember which category is expanded so that they will not always need to be re-clicked when returning from viewing reports, charts, etc.

The next big addition to the Storms/Test Map is the ability to add more web services to the map with a single-click. This saves some time, particularly on a phone or tablet, and can change the data and style of the map rapidly. The first four services available are the rig locations from the BOEM Current Deepwater Activity report (from ESA), the Surface Current forecasts, Satellite Imagery and Doppler radar maps (all from NOAA). Also please remember that you can add other services in the same panel and save and share your map with others who have GOMsmart access.


As always, we're eager for feedback on these map services or others you might like to load. Please let us know your thoughts at contactesa@earthsci.com.

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