GOM3 News - Central Sale 247

Lease Sale Results

In an effort to keep our data as up-to-date as possible, a map for today's Lease Sale can be downloaded here.


GOMsmart Enhancements

As always, GOMsmart enhancements continue apace. A variety of changes have been made this month to display more data, in better ways, with more options. These changes are listed below, but first we would like to invite you to a free, quick webinar at 2PM CDT on Apr. 4th. Registration is free at this link. And if that time doesn't work for you, please contact Charles Fried at charles@earthsci.com. Charles will be available to go over GOMsmart in more detail at your office.

Improvements have been made to Operating Rights assignments and a new report has been added to display the data in a clearer, more tabular form. This report includes a section for the active assignments as well as a section for the entire history of operating rights for the lease.


In GOMsmart's maps, new layers have been added. First, those leases with an assignment of operating rights have a bluish halo added to indicate more information. Aliquots have been added (with a purple outline) as have Unit boundaries (with a red outline) but these two layers are not visible by default; they must be checked on in the table-of-contents.


Finally, when creating Custom Reports for Leases, new options allow the data to be queried by owner, operator, either owner or operator or as partners. These options work with the companies selected in the Settings panel (in gray) to refine the results.


GOMsmart Webinar

One more time: Registration for the April 4th webinar can be completed on this Registration Form. And if you would prefer the overview in your office, Charles Fried will be ready to meet with you in April. Contact him at charles@earthsci.com.

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