GOM3 News - May 2017

Updates Roundup

First and foremost, a big announcement will be coming soon regarding a new Add-On to GOM3. Look for that email later this month.

Now for updates, beginning with the changes made to the Sale Preparation tab in the Leases window of ArcMap. The new layout removes the option to plan for a single region (west, central) and uses a single date for newly available blocks for the entire Gulf. In this update only, a checkbox is provided to handle different dates for the blocks in the former Western and Central regions; this option is recommended for the upcoming sale in August.


The other large change is due to the overhaul of the BOEM and BSEE websites. These changes have not only reset how data is updated in GOM3/GOMsmart (including speeding up the updates of some datasets), but has made some new scanned documents available, namely directional survey documents and focused pipeline maps (as shown below). All of these documents are accessible in the list of Reports from the hotlink in ArcGIS and in GOMsmart.


At the same time, Custom Reports in GOMsmart were modified to include links within the report preview to delve deeper into each entry. This way documents, charts, production data and other information are accessible on the selected entry.


GOM3 Training

A quick reminder that the next Analyzing Petroleum Data in the Gulf of Mexico with GOM3 class will be held July 19 at the TeachMeGIS training center in west Houston. An outline of the class is available here (PDF) and registration can be completed at the TeachMeGIS website, www.teachmegis.com.

ArcGIS Version Notes

ArcGIS 10.5 is now officially supported for GOM3. While ArcGIS 10.1 is still technically supported, 10.1 support is coming to an end, with a planned end date of July 31, 2017. Please contact us if there are issues upgrading beyond version 10.1.

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