GOM3 News - March 2018

Integration of Digital Well Logs

After many years of attempting to liberate the digital logs from the BOEM/BSEE, involving the inspector general, solicitor general, partners such as Petrophysical Solutions and UT's GBDS program and input from many within many E&P companies, the day has finally come to integrate the data into GOM3 and GOMsmart.


BSEE has released raw digital logs from 2004 on and will now release files on a regular schedule. BSEE's (MMS's) files before 2004 were apparently destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. Earth Science Associates is maintaining the existing files in a manner similar to the images, making them accessible by choosing a well in various platforms/applications and giving the files more helpful names for organization. The initial set covers about 11,000 files on nearly 5,000 wells, as shown below.


In GOMsmart, the data is accessible by clicking on a well in the main page or the map. As seen below, the Well Logs icon will include a note if Digital files are available.


A link to the raw digital logs will appear in green at the top of the list, with the log images in blue below. Because all digital logs are zip files, they do not have previews similar to the images.


In ArcMap, the Wells with digital logs can be loaded by checking the box in the lower right when loading well bottom hole or surface locations, as shown below. The Well Logs tab also includes an option to map wells with digital logs.


In ArcMap or ArcScene, the data is accessible by clicking on a well with the hotlink tool (the red lightning bolt). Clicking the Well Logs icon will launch a browser and go to the Well Logs page.


Access to the digital logs is included with the Geophysical Add-on, an addition to GOM3 that integrates publicly available seismic data, proprietary seismic data and identified salt tops with a 3-D scene of sands, wells, paleo picks and more (read more here). If you already have this subscription, these files are now available.
But because of the high level of demand (while acknowledging the current cost pressures offshore), the digital well logs will also be available at an additional cost to the standard subscription of GOM3. In both cases, updates will continue as new data is purchased and integrated into GOM3 and GOMsmart.

Please contact us about integrating these files into your subscription at 562-428-3181 or contactesa@earthsci.com.

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