GOM3 News - December 2019

Well Reports

This month, two new reports have been added to the available well reports of GOM3 and GOMsmart. The first is the Directional Survey report, which includes the azimuth and deviation angle for each well. The other is the Well Potential Test report, which links to the scanned PDF on BOEM's site. There are fewer than eight hundred wells with potential test reports currently available, but all are now linked.

Other well reports which link to BOEM's site have a new design, similar to when linking to BOEM documents, in order to keep up with BOEM's changing website. This also eliminates browser redirects which may have caused issues at some companies.

PotentialTest Potential Test report in Mississippi Canyon 794.

Webinar Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the next webinar, an overview of GOMsmart, will be held on Thursday, December 5th. This small webinar will go over the layout of GOMsmart, how the data is put together and processed and will provide a chance to ask questions and offer suggestions. This webinar is especially helpful if you are just starting out in GOMsmart or looking for new info within the website. It's also a good time to remember that, like the image to the right, GOMsmart is structured to use on mobile devices like phones and tablets, whether for looking up information quickly, checking on storm forecasts or launching analytics of the Business Planning Add-on, such as lease sale forecasts or tie-back routing. Registration is now available here.


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