GOM3 News - January 2020

Well Data in GOMsmart

With the addition of many new types of well data over the past couple of years, this is a good time to go over the breadth of well data available in GOMsmart. Over twenty datasets of different types of well data are available, not counting production, permits to drill or planned wells, which are also in GOMsmart.

This quick webinar on February 12th will detail these datasets and show all of the ways they can be accessed in GOMsmart. Registration available here.


PVT, mudlog and well log data from different wells in Viosca Knoll.


Production from the SS6 BP2 well in VK915.

Lease Sale Preparation Webinar

As a reminder, we are presenting a webinar on Jan. 28th detailing some of the options and datasets for lease sale preparation. Registration is available now to learn about the many datasets within GOM3and a few details of the Bid Forecasts in the Business Planning Add-on.

Over the past twenty years, leasing data has grown into a rich detailed set of data and analysis, including bidding, production, ownership, operating rights and decommissioning liabilities. Combining that data with BOEM's indicated hydrocarbon list or maps of stipulations can help gauge how much should be spent on a block.


Topographic stipulations at the edge of the shelf (solid red indicates no-activity zones).

Beyond that, the collection of these data now provide the opportunity to bring advanced analytics to the data, to the point of combining bidding histories for each company with the current situation in the Gulf to forecast which blocks may be attractive in the next sale, potentially alerting a bidder that competition may require a slightly higher bid to win.


Increasingly red blocks were more likely to be bid in the August 2019 sale. Winning bids are labeled first.

Registration is available here. And as we continue to increase the number and variety of webinars, please feel free to suggest topics that interest you or contact us regarding demos and discussions within your company: Email here.

Save The Date - 14th Annual User Conference

The next GOM3 User Conference will be held June 4th in Houston. Mark your calendars now.

For a look at past conference, see details of past conference beginning here.


And a note from our president and CEO...

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