GOM3 News - March 2020

Lease Sale 254 Results

In an effort to keep our data as up-to-date as possible, a map for today's Lease Sale can be downloaded here. Please remember, these blocks have been available to include in your maps in GOMsmart and ArcGIS since 12:30PM CDT on March 18th.


Next GOMsmart Webinar

With so many people working from home to limit the spread of COVID-19, we want to ensure that everyone is kept up on updates about everything in GOM3 when office visits are not possible. As part of that initiative, the next GOMsmart webinar will be held March 31st, but beyond that, we want to remind everyone that full web demos for your company are available almost any time. Please contact us to schedule a web meeting.


The next webinar will go over the layout of GOMsmart, how the data is put together and processed and will provide a chance to ask questions and offer suggestions. This webinar will also show how OOSA data is displayed in GOMsmart as well as teach you how to get verified to use OOSA data.

With ever changing news it's important to always have access to the most important data in the Gulf, including OOSA data. GOMsmart enables that work on any web browser, including on phones. Registration for this webinar is now available here.


14th Annual User Conference Update

We continue to monitor the situation regarding COVID-19 as news changes daily. The conference is scheduled for June 4th and we will send out updated information as things progress.


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