GOM3 News - November 2020

2020 Recap and Future Plans

Although the many challenges of 2020 have postponed the GOM3 user conference indefinitely, development of new data and features has continued unabated. This includes everything from improvements in searches and reports to expanding the Business Planning Add-on into the Analytics Add-on, to handle even more statistical analyses. Every user conference recaps changes over the past year (or since the last conference) and displays some of the future additions planned. Also critically important is the time spent receiving feedback on improvements and enhancements that you would like to see added to GOM3, which we strongly encourage.

To that end, we will hold separate webinars for past additions and future plans during the first week of December, with a repeat webinar of each during the second week of December:

  • Wednesday, Dec. 2nd - GOM3/GOMsmart review of new data and functionality
  • Thursday, Dec. 3rd - Future plans of GOM3 and GOMsmart
  • Tuesday, Dec. 8th - GOM3/GOMsmart review of new data and functionality (2nd offering)
  • Wednesday, Dec. 9th - Future plans of GOM3 and GOMsmart (2nd offering)

Registration is available here.


Sand-body reservoirs of Mars in grey, with Hydrocarbon Bearing Intervals labeled along various boreholes.

Decommissioning Updates

In October the BSEE began releasing decommissioning estimates based on probabilistic models derived from operator reported expenditures since mid-2016. P50, P70 and P90 values from these distributions were included for wells, platforms and site clearance. Output from the previous deterministic models is included for those not run through the probabilistic models (including pipelines). The attributes of these features were updated to include these data.

In creating a lease-level distribution of decommissioning costs, the BSEE is simply summing the fractiles (e.g., 90%) from the distributions for each individual well, platform and site, then adding the deterministic values on top of each P50, P70 and P90 value. Except for the 50% fractile, summing the fractiles this way will produce questionable confidence bounds so the lease-level decommissioning costs include only the sum of the 50% fractile values of the other datasets (plus the deterministic values).


Decommissioning costs estimated for the A12 well in Green Canyon 782.

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