GOM3 News - July 2021

Upcoming Webinars: GOMsmart Overview and Leasing Data in GOM3

We are restarting some free webinars to make sure that everyone is up-to-date on what is available, beginning with a quick overview of GOMsmart. GOMsmart is the best way to keep on top of data in the Gulf of Mexico - available on a browser (including mobile devices) with hourly scans to ensure that the latest data released by BOEM and BSEE is included. This webinar will go over how the data is put together and processed and is a good way to check out parts of GOMsmart that you may not be currently using. It will also provide a chance to ask questions and offer suggestions.

There are two offerings of the GOMsmart webinar coming up on August 3rd and 12th. Register for the webinar here.


Clips of various well data such as well logs and core data from GOMsmart.

The second webinar details Leasing data in the Gulf of Mexico. Whether you have just moved into a group working the Gulf or just need a refresher on some of the many details of different leasing datasets, this is the webinar for you. The webinar will describe data and update cycles for leases, aliquots, units, record title owners, designated operators, operating rights and decommissioning liabilities. Naturally, everything will be shown live in both ArcGIS and GOMsmart to illustrate how to access the data in different ways.

This webinar will be held on Tuesday, August 10th, at 1:00PM CDT. Register for the webinar here.


The GOMsmart map shows Current Leases in pale yellow, Units in red outlines, Aliquots in purple outlines and leases with an assignment of operating rights with a blue halo (in the north).

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